Jazz: A Creative Approach for Business and Education

It is a well-known fact that the global business environment is becoming increasingly more complex and dynamic, which presents organizations of all sizes with constant new challenges and of course, opportunities. The question is how do organizations embrace these challenges and opportunities? There are a plethora of textbook theories that explore strategy formulation, financial forecasting, marketing planning and scenario planning etc, but these tend to ignore a crucial component- CREATIVITY!

JCAB is a workshop that adopts an exciting and innovative approach to creativity – using a live jazz group, led by International jazz star, Pete Churchill and jazz trumpeter and business educator, Noel Dennis.

We explore the dynamics of jazz improvisation and present its relevance to organizations. Through music, we demonstrate and use the key characteristics of creative action to outline methods to develop improvisation and creativity within a business.

The principles of jazz – with high levels of creativity, flexibility and innovation – can be applied to many disciplines, including: strategic leadership, marketing and education.